The Chrysalis Effect Advisory Board

Dr Ravi

Dr Ravi Ramiah

Dr Ramiah is a Clinical Fellow in Rehabilitation Medicine at St Helens Hospital. He has been practising medicine for over 8 years - qualifying in KMC Manipal, India.

After undergoing 3 years of training in GP surgeries in Cumbria and Carlisle, he gained first-hand experience of the challenges faced by GPs trying to help patients with medically unexplained symptoms - many of whom had M.E. and chronic fatigue.

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Dr Ramiah has a long-term ambition to bridge the gap between alternative and allopathic medicine after experiencing and using alternative techniques that brought significant changes to individual's lives. His goal is to share this with the wider community and make it an integral part of healthcare.

After meeting his wife - who shared her journey and recovery from chronic fatigue (along with her patient experience) - his view on the patient centred approach to healthcare changed. This is what led Dr Ramiah to The Chrysalis Effect.

His current role involves dealing with patients who suffer from fatigue after brain injuries, and, in time, he aims to show how his new learnings can benefit patients in such a setting.

He has a passion for offering an integrated service worldwide. He ran a successful medical camp in India in 2015 that strengthened his resolve to embrace a holistic approach to healthcare. This was further strengthened after meeting his wife Catherine, and together they aim to continue this approach into 2018.

Patricia Worby

Dr Patricia Worby

Dr Patricia Worby, PhD, is a practitioner of body-oriented psychotherapy which aims to release unprocessed emotion. Her specialism is chronic illness especially chronic fatigue and pain which she believes always have a trauma component at their core.

This is the subject of her recent PhD thesis and books "The Scar that Won’t Heal’; Stress, Trauma and Emotion in Chronic Disease" and "The World Within"; how your microbiome makes you who you are.


Initially studying Nutritional Medicine at Surrey University and then Advanced Clinical Massage (ACM) at the Jing Institute, Brighton Patricia began to confidently treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

However, something was missing… clients were going to her with complex multi-factorial disease for which physical therapy was not enough. She recognised that there is an emotional component to disease which is often not addressed. She decided to extend her knowledge with psychotherapy specifically studying cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and trauma release.

She has recently developed a unique programme for the release of unprocessed emotions using a combination of Havening, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which form a powerful armoury for treatment of anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

In addition, she is a certified NLP Practitioner and Chrysalis Effect Wellbeing Coach specialising in Chronic Fatigue Syndromes such as ME and Fibromyalgia.

Dr Patricia Worby PhD, BSc, MSc, ACMT, HPD, Member of the International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM), General Hypnotherapy Register and an Institute of Leadership and Management accredited wellbeing coach and Chrysalis Effect (ME/CFS specialist) Practitioner.

  • General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR)
  • ILM-certified wellbeing coach
  • Chrysalis Effect Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner
  • EFT Practitioner
  • HPD qualified Clinical hypnotherapist with EMDR training
  • Speaker and presenter
  • Author of The Scar that won’t Heal’ and ‘healthwarrior’ Blogspot
  • Passionate advocate of health and wellbeing
  • Gardener and environmentalist
Liz Dyde

Liz Hancock CBT

Liz is a BACP accredited psychotherapist and relationship counsellor. She has been helping people with their emotional problems since 2002. Most people don't realise that emotional issues often manifest physical problems such as chronic pain or exhaustive conditions.

Having recovered from my own physical pain I now help others with the physical as well as the emotional.


Liz trained and qualified with Relate and she worked for them for more than ten years.
This provided a base from psychodynamic and systemic therapy. She has a Diploma in CBT and is a qualified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

Matrix Reimprinting can be a great help in healing past trauma. Even though we might think we have dealt with difficulties in our past our body remembers and can often give us symptoms such as anxiety and depression, panic attacks and more.

Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman Sharp

Emma is an Australian-trained Naturopath with over 15 years of international experience. After graduating top of her class with over six awards - including outstanding Student in Naturopathy and Distinguished Academic Performance in Nutrition - Emma was invited to work at one of the top complementary health clinics in Perth, Western Australia.


In 2006, Emma relocated to the UK with her family.  A fortuitous attendance at a Chrysalis Effect seminar provided not only the seeds for what would become an exciting new specialty, but also a rewarding long-term association with us here at The Chrysalis Effect.

Emma has successfully launched an M.E., CFS & Fibromyalgia recovery clinic ‘Wellbeing for ME’ in Lewes and she regularly delivers ‘Stress in the Workplace’ workshops for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

She is an integral part of the team presenting to the National Health Service addressing shortcomings in Thyroid and Adrenal Testing. And for many years now she has partnered with founder Elaine, to deliver Specialist Training.

Three years ago, Emma returned to Western Australia and immediately adapted her clinic so clients were able to access consultations online and she continues to achieve fantastic results with her clients spread throughout the UK, Europe and America.

Diana Powley

Diana Powley

Over the last 15 years, Diana has gone from being divorced and bedridden with M.E., to a leading Integrative Therapist who has helped over 3,000 clients. She incorporates the use of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Hypno-analysis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Gestalt and EMDR for post trauma work.


Diana sees clients in southeast London for private work, and corporate clients in London. She has also been invited to work in Europe and the Middle East and, whilst she was in Kuwait, Diana helped victims of torture from the Gulf War.

Back at home she has run workshops and retreats and works a lot with clients over Skype. She co-developed The Chrysalis Effect Transformation Process with Elaine and works one-to-one with sufferers to help them process and release their emotional blockages.

Diana is passionate about making a difference and she refused to accept herself as a victim and the same goes for her clients. She reassures them it’s just how it is at the moment.

Before her M.E., she had been a successful HR professional in multiple fashion retailing, and married with 3 children. Now she is happily re-married and a besotted granny!


Dr Brian Halvorsen

Brian is a highly experienced dentist, speaker and author and stands out as an expert in his field. In 1977, he founded his practice dedicated to preventative, holistic dentistry. He works in synergy with dental hygienists to deliver an integrated holistic approach with a focus on the link between diet and oral health. Preventative dental care is at the heart of his philosophy.


Brian is a Chrysalis Effect Referral Practitioner and go-to Dentist for fatigue sufferers. He is also an expert in safe amalgam filling removal. His book 'Great Teeth for Life’ provides invaluable advice for improving whole body health.

As you will find out Brian is one of life’s enthusiasts! He cares passionately about his patients and particularly, how dentistry can intervene to help patients in ways far beyond the traditional boundaries of dental treatment.

Brian is also host and presenter of the Radio Show Integrated Dentist on UK Health which attracts 250,000 listeners per month.


Anna Hemmings MBE

Anna Hemmings MBE is our Chrysalis Effect Ambassador and she gives her time so generously to support us in any way she can. She is best known as Britain’s most successful ever female kayaker, as well as a 2 times Olympian and 6 times World Champion.



Having retired from her sport in 2009 she went on to found a leading high-performance training consultancy, Beyond the Barriers. Anna is adept at translating the lessons she learned in sport into the business world and together with her colleagues help individuals, teams and organisations to get the competitive edge.

What so many people would never suspect is that this amazing woman suffered for two years from ME. Today she is a shining example of recovery, and we feel honoured to have her as our Ambassador and member of our Advisory Board.

Rebecca Bush

Rebecca Bush (Artist in Residence)

My journey as an artist is inextricably linked with my personal journey to improved wellbeing. It was during an intense period of personal development that I re-connected with my artistic nature and discovered my life-purpose as a result. As I experienced the healing of my mind, body & spirit, I had an overwhelming urge to express this, with colour, lots of colour! I haven’t stopped since…


I am now passionate about sharing my experiences, a kind of painted story if you like, the journey to know ourselves better never stops which means I am constantly inspired to paint.

When I create I am, completely present, each brushstroke has my full attention, I am wholly invested in what I want to ‘say’.

As well as the wonderful benefits this brings to my own wellbeing, sharing my work provides a continual cycle of inspiration and gratitude.

I am delighted to be Artist in Residence at The Chrysalis Effect, I am overjoyed at this opportunity to ‘pay it forward’; when art speaks to us, it is to our heart, it stands to reason therefore that creative self-expression, feeds our wellbeing and in turn our health.

As we embrace creativity, be it our own, or someone else’s, we are blessing our health with gifts of joy, mindfulness and healing. Let us fill our cups to overflowing with these gifts!