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If you're looking for proven methods that address the causes of Chronic Exhaustive Conditions and give you tools to integrate protocols with your own practice, then we'd love you to become part of our Practitioner Community.


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Welcome to the Professional Community

The Chrysalis Effect has been training accredited recovery specialists since 2010 as a direct result of recovery clients wishing to have one to one tailored support working hand in hand alongside the programme.

As a Practitioner you can add specialist knowledge to your current practice and join a dynamic professional referral community dedicated to delivering an integrated and collaborative approach for multi-faceted illness.

We are honoured to work with some amazing people to enable M.E, CFS recovery worldwide and really transform lives. Our Advisory Board and Practitioner Directories are testimony to that.

Practitioner Training Pathways

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Find Out More About Our Foundation Level

Watch the video to get an insight into our Foundation Level Training. Contact us for more details on our Training Programmes.

The Complete Guide to our Training

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This training is designed to give you confidence in having specialist
knowledge for clients seeking cohesive help with ME,CFS and
Fibromyalgia symptoms

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