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Mind Mediation can resolve your issue without talking about or reliving old trauma. We can help you release those issues, by mediating between the conscious and unconscious mind so they both work together and understand they are working towards the same goal.

TIR is a highly structured client centred technique that resolves any trauma in one session.

The Facilitator assists the client, referred to as the Viewer, in identifying a single trauma that the Viewer would like to resolve.

After the Viewer has identified a trauma, the Facilitator guides the Viewer through a visualization and retelling of the event.

This process is repeated until the event no longer holds a negative charge for the Viewer.
TIR is unique in that the session will continue until the Viewer is completely relieved of whatever stress the trauma originally provoked.

Wellbeing Coaching is perfect for those times when you are feeling stuck, coming up against barriers in any aspect of your life.

It is an incredibly powerful method of empowering you to achieve the things that you want, allowing you to be in control of your own destiny.

The experience can produce significant personal growth – enabling realisation of your potential and being free from limiting beliefs and fears.

Tools Used

  • Mind Mediation
  • Trauma Incident Reduction
  • Wellbeing Coaching