Beverley McCluskey

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Clinic Address

Florere Vita Ltd

Woolpack House

22 High Street



BS26 2AF

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Online and South W.


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So, why me?

I have more than 40 years of adult life behind me, much of it spent practising how to live in a way that does not support body, mind or spirit! For much of that time, despite all the visible external signs of success, internally I was one hot mess! I reached burnout more than once, despite this I kept going, I felt I was failing, I pushed through, I knew no other way.

Then, one day I stopped. My body slowed me right down because I wouldn’t listen to it despite all the signs it had sent me.

In lock-down I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was so upset. Then, with time I realised I had been given a precious gift. I have now navigated my way back to full health and vitality and am recovered.

I coach, I teach, I share and I understand because I have lived a similar experience to yours. We all have a different map to navigate life’s journey and I can help you draw one of your very own to take you to the destination of your choice

I am here to help you establish what exactly in your life you want to change, and why, and then how. With the application of highly effective and proven tools combined with coaching you will better understand yourself and how you got to this point in your life, without blame and without judgement. This will enable you to become present to your own gifts, strengths and talents and you’ll have the skills, knowledge and tools to live the life you choose, a flourishing life!

I guide people, just like you, to map a life that they flourish in, because i believe this is possible for anyone who wants to be more and feel better than they do today.

Tools Used

  • Chrysalis Effect Trauma Informed Well-being Coach
  • One of Many Certified Women’s Coach