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Genna Nelson


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I understand first-hand how challenging it can be to navigate daily life and still have enough energy left at the end of the day to move towards those long held plans, dreams and goals. I deeply understand how it feels to repeatedly make poor food and lifestyle choices and then suffer the backlash of those decisions on sleep, energy, skin, digestion and ultimately, state of mind. I also know how hard it can be to break those habits but know this, it is absolutely possible with the relevant knowledge used in the appropriate context and with the application of key naturopathic principles.

Within my practice I work holistically, considering the biopsychosocial-spiritual perspective of each person. This approach recognises that each person is unique and experiences life differently and that their route towards optimal wellness must be tailored to them as an individual. With this perspective alongside the principals of Functional Medicine the client can begin to simultaneously work on the four elements of optimal wellness; nourish, move, heal and evolve.

My absolute passion is the interplay between emotional wellness, digestive issues and mental resilience and I can often “read” what’s going on for clients at an emotional level. With honesty, kindness and compassion I meet my clients where they are at so that they feel at ease and fully guided through the necessary diet and lifestyle changes. At the heart of my practice I deeply believe that the human body is designed to function without limitation and given the optimal environment, the body can return to a state of balance.

Tools Used

  • Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy
  • Functional testing
  • Food intolerance
  • Hair mineral analysis
  • Stool testing
  • Adrenal and thyroid function panel
  • Drug/ nutrient interactions
  • Therapeutic supplementation
  • Work alongside care team/GP
  • Goal setting and productivity mapping