Melanie Anne Salisbury

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Clinic Address


The Well Garden

Hackney Downs Studios

17 Amhurst Terrace


E8 2BT

Additional Clinic


Online and Gtr. London


  • Online Appointments
  • In Person Appointments
  • Discovery Call


A registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist with a passion rooted in the relationship between mental health and nutrition.

I primarily work with healing the gut to allow for the rebalance and support of all systems of the body. I implement principals of functional medicine and use a holistic approach in addressing the whole person to unveil and understand the root of presenting symptoms. I also share a great passion in this connection and approach when assessing CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia.

Nutritional Therapy is not solely about food. It is Lifestyle Medicine.
My drive to join The Chrysalis Effect Team stemmed from witnessing loved ones suffer with symptoms for many years and struggle to find the necessary support and understanding.

Each individual living with CFS, ME or Fibromyalgia is different, with their own experiences and hurdles to overcome. Recovery is most certainly possible with the right tools, education and support. I will guide you through both nutritional and lifestyle changes, with a plan and a time frame that is suitable to you.

Melanie is the founder of MIND BODY NOURISH and provides one-to-one therapeutic consultations. She is currently taking face-to-face appointments at The Well Garden, East London, under Covid safety measures, or online via Zoom.

Tools Used

  • Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy
  • Gut Health
  • Adrenal Support
  • Immune Support
  • Functional Testing
  • Drug/Nutrient Interactions
  • Massage Therapy
  • Coaching Tools