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The Chrysalis Effect has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery from ME/CFS/Fibro. After a 12 year journey, I am training with TCE to become a Wellbeing Coach & Specialist Practitioner.

I am also a Belief Coding® Facilitator and Full Potential coach. Belief Coding® is a technique that accesses the sub-conscious mind to overcome, resolve and heal past trauma and limiting beliefs. We are then able to code in new empowering beliefs. We can use this technique on any discomfort, from habits & phobias, pain and anxiety to overwhelm & procrastination, lack of confidence & self sabotage.

I have first hand experience of ME/CFS/Fibro and so understand the mental and physical issues. My children were very small when I first ‘crashed’. I had to leave a 30 year career when I couldn’t leave my home. I was a typical A type – taking on everything & found it impossible to stop & rest. If I did, I was wracked with guilt.

I was diagnosed in 2011 and experienced the NHS pathways (and failings) and left with no hope, no answers & feeling very let down. Finding The Chrysalis Effect turned that around for me. Elaine’s crucial question “ What is the one thing you dare not say?” – thank you Elaine, yes I knew the answer, but didn’t feel strong enough to admit it. My whole life force had been drained. It is all turning around now and my life is certainly on the up.

I worked through various traumas, (including the treatment I received while going through CFS), unravelled some bizarre coping strategies (the only way my sub conscious knew how to keep me safe) I’m still ‘work in progress’ but I think we all are.

I am passionate about helping others to recover and regain their health and live their lives to the fullest.

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Tools Used

  • Belief Coding® Accredited Facilitator
  • Full Potential Coach
  • Life Coach