Before joining The Chrysalis Effect please ensure you agree to the following:

  • I understand that The Chrysalis Effect is a Supported Recovery Programme and not a therapy or treatment.
  • The Chrysalis Effect will not Cure or Fix me. We will over the weekly sessions, however teach you the strategies which we and others have used to recover physically and mentally from M.E/CFS
  • I understand that The Chrysalis Effect therefore does not guarantee me any results.
  • This is because it is your responsibility to take onboard the information make the necessary changes that we share with you.
    I accept full responsibility for the effects of applying or not applying The Chrysalis Effect to my life.
  • I recognise that the mind and body are linked and have a powerful influence over each other.
  • I am prepared to commit to this programme and challenge my beliefs about my condition/illness, my health and myself.
  • I am fully committed to do the sometimes-challenging work of starting to think very differently that's required to get my life back.